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Welcome to the 4th annual Engaged Scholar Symposium of 2019! Below you will find a program of all events happening for the day separated and color-coded by sections. We’re glad you could join us. Have fun, enjoy, and don’t forget to tag our office in your social media posts @engagedUTRGV and use our event hashtag #engagedUTRGV !

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Friday, April 26


The association between online sexual victimization and alcohol use in lesbian, gay, and bisexual emerging adults ECESS 1.300Stephanie Arellano • Jorge Cantu • Ruby Charak • Oscar Trujillo • Lillianne Villarreal CubeSat Powered by Smartphone ECESS 1.300Joseph Schmidt Myriad Sense ECESS 1.300Derek Duron Accessing a Cost Effective Drug Formulary and Navigating Patient Assistance Programs for Primary Care Patients in the Rio Grande Valley ECESS 1.300Kariana Pena • Alex Cantu • Mariela Silva • Ja Yoon Choi Does Social Capital Enhance Preparedness in Building Disaster Resiliency? ECESS 1.300Charly Janae • Criselda Avalos • Brianna Bautista • Manuel Leal • Magaly Ramirez • Patricia Ramirez • Gabriel Rodriguez • Xochilth Roman • Dean Kyne Drivers of Preparedness for Disaster Resiliency: A Study of the Rio Grande Valley ECESS 1.300Nancy Carlson • Yajaira Ayala • Diana Chimal • Maricela Gutierrez Cicero • Nicolas A. Crane • Samantha Estrada • Rick Montero • Gerardo Vela • Xochilth Roman • Dean Kyne Empowering Patients by Improving Medication Adherence Utilizing the Medisafe App ECESS 1.300Kayla Closner • Roberto Galindo • Maria F. Delgado • Jaime Pena • Jessica Galindo Health And Wellness Education Via A Newsletter for Parents of Children attending UTRGV Child Development Center ECESS 1.300Kassandra De La Garza • Itzel Alfaro-Rivas • Kassandra Closner • Brittany Santos • Daisy Madrigal NSF/I-Corps Challenge: A model for Interdisciplinary Collaboration ECESS 1.300Sylvia Robles The Impact of the Transligual - Community Engaged Pedagogy in UNIV 1301 Learning Framework courses ECESS 1.300Erika Perez The Prevalence of Acanthosis Nigricans among Adolescent Children in the Rio Grande Valley during the 2017-2018 School Year ECESS 1.300 The Disease ECESS 1.300Naissa Janeth Acosta Women Are Not Netflix ECESS 1.300Karina Chacon Search Methods for Optical Transients in Galaxies ECESS 1.300Andrea Elizabeth Hinojosa • Alejandro Francisco Hinojosa Lee • Richard Camuccio Transforming trash into treasures ECESS 1.300Armida Rivera • Teresa Feria Arroyo Assessing the gray short-tailed opossum (Monodelphis domestica) as a potential animal model for clinical depression: Description of individual differences in social subordination. ECESS 1.300Diana Duran • Joseph Rafac • Tabitha Rodriguez • Oscar Maldonado • Mario Gil, PhD • Gabriel de Erausquin, MD, PhD, MSc • Dr. John L. VandeBerg Metabolism of Chronic Rotenone Exposure in an In Vitro Model of Parkinson's Disease ECESS 1.300Daphne Alcala Zuniga The Evaluation of Osteogenic Inducing MiRNAs for Bone Tissue Engineering ECESS 1.300Marco A. Arriaga • Sue Anne Chew • May-Hui Ding • Astrid S. Gutierrez 'Preliminary Neurodevelopmental Atlas of the Monodelphis domestica ECESS 1.300Ivan Morado • Oscar Maldonado • Gabriel de Erausquin, MD, PhD, MSc • Mario Gil, PhD • John L. VandeBerg Alternative Creative Sustainable Solutions or Recycling in the RGV? ECESS 1.300Lupita Herrera Melatonin Increases 3T3-L1 Adipogenesis and Brown Adipocyte Characteristics ECESS 1.300Roman Sanchez Martinez National Butterfly Center and the Border Wall ECESS 1.300Hamaad Gohar Selections from Act 1 & 2 of MALINALLI: An Original Musical Drama ECESS 1.300Sandra Barba Low-pressure synthesis of Multiferroic Material BiFeO3 via a Microfluidic PEEK system ECESS 1.300Mauricio De Leo Trevino Starting STEM: a Child's Introduction to the Human Body's Vital Organs ECESS 1.300Veronica Levrier • Gabriella Lopez • Jacob Maciel • Rozena Shirvani Ultrasound-Assisted Green Synthesis of Medically Priveleged Pyranopyrazoles ECESS 1.300Dr. Debasish Bandyopadhyay • Orlando Castillo • Juan Escamilla Association Between Outness, Heterosexism, Emotion Dysregulation, and Alcohol Use in LGB Individuals ECESS 1.300Ruby Charak • Lillianne Villarreal A Greater Magnification from Under the Microscope ECESS 1.300Erica Nati Camargo Smith

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